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How it works

Jobstick is pairing with tablet, smartphone or PC by air

and all your moves on the disc are translating to the game or app.

Simple and clear.

Balance anywhere

Jobstick trainer is so light and handy - you can take it and exercise anywhere you want.
Fits in a backpack
Alone or with friends

Easy for all ages

Even the youngest kids need only few minutes to become a professionals in balancing. In fact, children are better in this.
Good for posture, leg’s strength and coordination
Stimulates interest to sports

Free games and apps


Anna, 23
Anna, 23
Deputy Assistant Director

"It's refreshing! I go to pilates in my fitness-center and I must say this device would keep some of your muscles in shape. Maybe a little hard at first".

Ivan, 25
Ivan, 25
Aircraft engineer

"It was a little complicated to understand PlusBall tactics and how to control a board, but after fifth game I was able to do it. Joystick is sensitive, but you comprehend it quickly.


I don't do workouts very regularly, but this device I can use. I think that it would be useful for kids as the trainer - teach you how to keep the balance".

Alexander, 36
Alexander, 36
Senior engineer

"With my son we are more into usual sport games like soccer. But it's still not very easy for me to balance in PlusBall.


After 10 minutes of exercizing both legs are burning. I can easily imagine Jobstick as attraction in some amuzement park".

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